5 Tips on Using Your Bookend

Ah! There goes it again! You just finished up stacking your bookshelf and they came down stumbling upon each other. Don’t freak on seeing the mess. There is a solution to it. Just start using a bookend. So what is a bookend? Don’t have any idea? Don’t worry! We are here to help you out.


What are Bookends?


Bookends are a kind of support that’s placed at the end of a book row for keeping the books upright. Well, the bookends are a great way to add some style to your otherwise boring bookshelf. In case, you don’t have any open shelves, you can go for bookends to keep your books in place.


Bookends are easily available in the market in various styles, such as tree trunk bookends or flat fishbowl halves, paperweight, and so on. On top of that, you will get bookends made of various materials, such as wood or plastic, cement or glass, and so on. Well, whatever material you might prefer, they are sure to spruce up the décor. Do a little research and you are sure to find some amazing use of bookends.


Without further ado, let’s get started!


Creative Ways to Use Your Bookends 

Admit it. Bookends are great for holding your books in place. But what about unusually using these bookends? Yes! You can use bookends as a storage solution or décor items and so on.


Décor Piece

Planning to decorate your home with various décor pieces? Thinking of using some gorgeous decorative pieces which are economical and requires less space? Go for stylish bookends. Use it for your living room to store newspapers and magazines. You can keep it on the shelves for storing your CD collection. Decorative bookends can amp up your living space.


Napkin Holder 

Another way to use bookends is to use it as napkin holders. Use it for the coffee or dining table. Restaurants can add colorful bookends to hold the napkins and avoid clutter.


Book Stand

Yes! You heard me right. You can use bookends as a book stand. If you re photographer and you need to photograph beautiful books with illustrations, you can’t just damage the book by placing it on the surface. If it touches the surface, the book might get dirty. What’s the solution? Use bookends for creating a book stand or book cradle. Flipping the bookend would help you to use it as a ramp. Bookends with a certain amount of thickness can be used for creating the required support.


Printed Paperwork Holder

 Do you need to print a lot of stuff? Do you find it hard to keep them organized? Keep your printed documents in place.


Storage Solution

Finding it difficult to keep the face towels or hand towels in place? Don’t want to make your drawers look messy? Reuse your old bookends to store your stuff. L-shaped bookends are great for storing T-shirts or towels. Fold them and keep them next to each other. It would prevent the mess.


Bookends are only meant for providing support to the books on the shelves. These are some amazing usage of bookends.



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