6 Foolproof Ways to Decorate Your Rented Apartment

Hey! Are you planning to decorate your rented apartment? Whether you admit or not, whenever the question of decorating your apartment comes up, you feel tense. Isn’t it? As you have rented it you can’t make any permanent changes. On top of it, you may not feel like investing a huge amount of money on a place that you can’t call yours. Whatever may be the case, you can easily transform your ‘makeshift home’ into a beautiful place. 


Wondering How? Read on. Her, we will share some mind-blowing ideas that would make your rented apartment feel like home.


Most of you who are reading this post must be wondering how it’s possible. Well, even if you have some strict ‘no alteration’ policy from your landlord, you can still decorate your temporary home with some amazing hacks. Here’s how to achieve it.


Go For Removable Wall Art


Wall decals are in trend nowadays. They are available in various prints and shades. Just go for the removable wallpapers while decorating your rented flat. You will just need to peel off the wall decals and it won’t damage the walls or the plaster. Hence, you won’t get any warning from your landlord.


Use Printed Adhesive Paper

Don’t love the countertops of the kitchen? Sorry! You won’t be able to renovate the kitchen countertops. However, you can go for adhesive papers that can change the look of the countertops. Pick a print that meets your style.


Add Vibrant Hues

Yeah! We know that you can’t repaint the walls of your rented apartment, but you can give it a facelift. Think of adding your favorite colors to space through the cushion or pillow covers. Choose the colors of your upholstery in such a way that it works well with the paint colors.


You can add some visual drama to space by adding some beautiful curtains. Give a cozy feel to the room by adding curtains with pastel shades; go for satin textures for giving luxurious look to the room.


Use Stylish Rugs

Put decorative rugs on the floor to make your rented apartment feel like home. Go for fancy rugs for areas with low footfall; whereas considering a durable rug for areas with heavy footfall.


Create an Art Gallery 

Don’t leave your walls blank. Create a beautiful art gallery with photo frames. You will need to make holes with nails. Come on. You can fix the holes before you leave. Photo frames add life to the blank walls and make the rented place feel like home.


Keep Some Indoor Plants

If you want to make your rented space look more beautiful consider adding some green plants. Buy some indoor plants and create your garden. They are easy to maintain and helps to make a place look beautiful.


You might dream of moving to your own home and decorating it in the way you want. If so, you are not alone. Most people living in rented flats hold this dream. Till you move to your own house, you can follow these ideas and make your rented apartment look beautiful.



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