Check Out Some Accent Wall Ideas for Your Bedroom

Every home wants to tell a story. For this, it needs to be designed in such a way that it draws the attention of the onlookers. Well, the rooms can be decorated with a beautiful painting or with small furniture pieces or even with a small accent wall. However, among the several options available, accent walls are perfect to give rooms a detour from an ordinary look to an extraordinary one.

Why Accent Walls?

Do you want to convey an ancient look to your room? Do you want to create a look of a tropical rainforest? Well, whatever might be your requirement; you will get an accent wall that meets the needs of your bedroom décor.

Accent walls are a great way to make an impact on an existing space. It can create an illusion of a room to look either big or small.

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Go Creative with Accent Walls

Yes, homeowners can now go creative with accent walls. If you want to add accent walls to your bedroom, here are some accent wall ideas. Take a look and you will surely love it.

1: Textured Wall

One of the most common ways to highlight the space of your bedroom is by covering the wall of the room with textured paint. Go creative by combining different hues. Use color combinations like orange and red hues to create a fiery look. This would help to create remarkable accent walls. Moreover, it would get rid of the need of adding extra décor to the room.

2: Mural Designs

A room should always define one’s style. It should be decorated with things that the person is passionate about. Do you want to echo the look of your room with nature? If yes, you can go for murals as it comes with a riot of colors and patterns. Murals can represent anything that one wants. For instance, you can opt for large murals that fit the entire wall of the bedroom and depict a certain scene. Better check out the design options available before picking them.

3: Patterned Wallpaper

Create a stunning accent wall with printed wallpaper. You can pick a wallpaper that contrasts with the bedroom theme. This would improve the look of the space. Well, with wall decals or wallpapers, homeowners can create a different look for the bedroom every year and that too within budget.


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4: Combination of Textures

Is the texture the central theme of your bedroom? If yes, you can go for it. It’s the best way to add up some drama to a bedroom. For instance, you can choose wooden panels along with a stone grey color. This combination creates a warm look.

5: Mirror Designs

Do you want to create an elegant and beautiful look to your bedroom? You can use mirror finish wall panels to add some depth to your bedroom. This would make the room look larger and open up the bedroom space.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have the luxury to change the decoration of your home completely. Just go for these accent walls and see the magic it adds to your cozy bedroom.

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