Perfect Color Combinations That Can Elevate Your Décor

Does color hold the power to elevate the décor of a place? The answer to this question is – Yes. Well, if you are looking forward to recreating your living space just like the home décor magazines, you need to plan carefully. Right from selecting the home furnishing items to the color schemes, play an important role to make the home décor a perfect one.

Color Schemes Are Important

Colors hold the power to tell a story or evoke a mood. It can even change the way a person might feel. In short, a right color combination can uplift the mood; whereas, a wrong color choice can make one sad.

According to home décor experts, there are several ways to achieve the right color combinations. Follow the post and you will know how to put the color combinations to work.

Monochrome Colors

Monochrome tones can be great for a bedroom. You can opt for colors with the same hue but with a little different tone. For instance, the pale blue tone can be used on any three walls of a bedroom; whereas, the fourth wall can be painted with deep blue. Well, this color combination is just stunning.


 Complimentary Colors

There is no denying that opposites attract. This is true when one refers it to the color wheel. Colors opposite each other when paired can look beautiful. It compliments each other. One can go for coral shades with a blue-green aqua tone. Similarly, orange and olive can complement each other. Paint the walls of a dining room with a bright orange color and color the trims on the walls with olive color.

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Choose Color with Like Temperature

Colors are either warm or cool. When deciding colors, it’s important to choose a color with like temperatures. For instance, if you are going for cool hues, you can go for cool blues and greens. They can work wonders and make a space look very beautiful. On the contrary, one can go for neutral shades. Soft beige can work well with rich brown and look pleasant to the eyes.

Now, let’s take a look into some amazing color combination ideas that could be implemented.

Sapphire Mustard

Make your kid’s playroom a fun and exciting one. Try this combination and turn this space into a beautiful one.

Green+ Red

The color scheme shouldn’t be confined to the walls only; rather, it should be present within the décor items in the room. Pair the red sofas of your living or study room with green-textured pillows.

Blue+ Green

Colors next to each other in the color wheel offer a relaxing and casual environment. Pain the walls of a room with blue tones and keep the furniture like bed posters or cupboards with green tones.

Coral +Lilac

Give the master bedroom a cozy look with this color combination. Space can look elegant with lilac color beddings and coral colored chairs.

Keep in mind. It’s not always about choosing the right color combination for your home or living space. It is vital to maintain a perfect balance of colors throughout the space. This, in turn, would help to take the décor to a new level.


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