Simple Tips to Redecorate Your Home during Quarantine

To prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19, most of the countries have implemented complete lockdown. You have been asked to stay indoors and it might make you feel claustrophobic or irritated. Well, don’t let the quarantine dampen your spirit. Rather, use the time to redecorate and style your home.


Why? Your home has become your office, gym, and school. On top of that, you will be spending more time with your family. It’s the best time to make your home look clutter-free and spread positivity to every corner of the home. While the task might sound simple, it might give rise to anxiety. It’s essential to redecorate your home if you want to void feeling claustrophobic or falling sick.


Redecorating Home Is Very Easy


In case, you are wondering how to make your home look more cozy and comfortable, we are here to help you out. Read on and you will get your answer.


Clean Every Nook and Corner


Planning for redecorating your home? Start with cleaning every corner of the house. With no house-help by your side, but you can use this opportunity to clean the house in the way you want. 


Cleaning gives you an idea about the changes that can be brought in to redecorate the house. For instance, you can add a table below the window to keep indoor plants. When cleaning your home, don’t forget to clean the bathroom and kitchen drawers. Empty the drawers, clean the junk, and then reorganize it.


Go For New Furniture Layout


Have you got bored with the same old furniture set-up? Yes. Try out a new layout for placing your furniture. Shift the couch against another wall. Or, simply shift your armchair against the window. While swapping furniture’s don’t forget to switch rugs. Use your bedroom rugs for your living room and vice versa.


Rearrange your Bookshelves


Most people might find the quarantine period as the best time to read books. In case, you couldn’t pay attention to your bookshelf for a long time, do it now. Arrange your books alphabetically or by its genre.


Transform the Spaces


You might have gone bored with the same lifestyle during the lockdown. Well, you can convert your dining or living space into something beautiful. Use color-coordinating upholstery and indoor plants for these places. You can add some decorative artwork for the blank walls of the dining room. 


Use Old Stuff as Décor


During quarantine search the attic for some in interesting stuff. Add a vintage look to your home by using some old décor stuff. Paint the old wind chimes and hang it from the tension rods of your curtain. Place some old statues long the hallway.


Add Some Headboard

Don’t forget the bedroom. You can add a headboard above the bed to give the room a stylish look.


Use Storage Solutions


A good way to void messy closets or drawers is to use storage solutions. It would keep the place neat and clean.


There are many more ways to redecorate your home during the quarantine. Feel free to share your views with us.



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