Enjoy the great outdoors by redecorating your house backyard with this stylish furniture for a perfect morning & evening.


  1. The seat cushion is made up of P.U Foam (Polyurethane Foam) which is used most commonly. The foam is made up of entirely synthetic. The foam is a lot more bouncy & springy. Moreover, the cushions are covered with water-proof fabric. These are durable & long-lasting.
  2. The frame is made up of MS Pipes (Mild Steel Pipes) & has been moulded as per the structure required for the product.
  3. The product has very superior quality. Moreover, made up of traditionally used wires known as wicker wires.The wires are light yet sturdy.The wires increases the toughness & durability of the product. 

Note: Can bear weight up to 120-140 kg.

* It is a make-on-order product. So, it will take approx. 15 working days including delivery to deliver the product.

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